Vespa is an Italian brand of scooter manufactured by Piaggio.

In 1946, as Italy embarked on postwar reconstruction, the rebuilding of the main Pontedera Factory was assigned to Enrico Piaggio, who opted for a full conversion focusing on personal mobility.
He achieved his ambition, a stylish vehicle for the mass market, thanks to the extraordinary design work of its aeronautical engineer: Corradino D’Ascanio

In 1946, the MP6 prototype took shape. Seeing it for the first time, Enrico Piaggio commented « Sembra una vespa! » (It looks like a wasp).

The motoleggera utilitaria Vespa, or light motorised runabout, was presented to the public for the first time in April 1946 at the Rome golf club. The leg shield sported the new Piaggio logo, which replaced the former aeronautical emblem. And so the adventure of the world's most famous scooter began.

Vespa is a global brand and also continues to set the place in terms of aesthetic and technological innovation. Today, the 946 perfectly embodies the Vespa’s intention of continuing to provide a window on the future while honoring its legacy.

Vespa offers several range of scooter: Primavera, Sprint, GTS, PX, LXV.

The most important are:

Primavera: The youngest and most dynamic Vespa, mythical and colorful.
Px: Classic design and unique features, sporty and powerful.
946: Elegant, timeless and technologically superior (hand made details, ABS...).
From 2015, Vespa also offers eyewear and sunglasses and they represent the heart of Vespa. The collections are divided as are Vespa scooters: Primavera, PX and 946.

Primavera: The eyewear collection is a reflection of the Primavera’s spirit: accessible, young, dynamic and colorful with trendy details. All the Primavera’s have the same end-tip to identify it easily. Vespa logo is reminded on all sun lenses.

PX: PX line is vintage, style and trendiness at the same time. The eyewear collection offers classic frames customized in a trendy way and italian chic spirit. All the frames are made in Italy. All the PX’s have the same end-tip to identify it easily. Vespa logo is reminded on all sun lenses.

946: Real luxury is realizing a more ambitious and fascinating dream every day. Today the Vespa 946 re-affirms its legend. It enhances the classical values of tradition: the shape of the handlebar, the proportions of the fairing, the plunging curves of the saddle all come from the earliest drawings. Every detail reflects a choice and a reference to Italian-style production. A craftsman’s approach in a futuristic dimension.

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